Making Digital Gold Coin As an Investment in the Digital World.

Many people in the world still pay a gold investment. Besides, gold has minimal risk and also not too challenging to be one of the strong reasons for this investment, but what if you hear gold will be joined together with Blockchain technology?


Introduce a project that combines gold and Blockchain technology in the name of Digital Gold , the project is in the draft to encourage financial market digitization and the afferent investment instruments.

The Digital Gold project has several advantages:

  • Provide benefits for its use. Provide benefits for the gold market around the world. Provide benefits for Blockchain technology.

Digital Gold thinks about how customers can transact using the platform they will make to buy, sell, store, or transfer gold instantly, Digital Gold also believes the advantages for its customers include:

1 GOLD Token equals 1 Gram of Pure Gold 99.99%


The project uses the Ethereum network ERC-20 as a blockchain network, and uses the name GOLD as the code in the Ethereum network itself, 1 GOLD Token is equal to 1 Gram of pure gold 99.99% and all GOLD tokens are supported by physical gold that is stored in the A safe deposit in the company, gold stored in the security will be audited in real-time and can be verified online.

Every GOLD token issued using the Ethereum Smart Contract and the amount of outstanding tokens is always equal to the total amount of gold bullion that is stored in the company safe.

No Transfer fees


There are no transaction fees charged to customers, they can make as many payments as they want.

In the future, GOLD will be able to use it as part of its daily routine to conduct regular business transactions.



The security of every project is the most prioritized, it is also done by Digital Gold to its customers by guaranteeing GOLD circulating by 100% physical gold.

The amount of physical gold deposited in the safe can be matched to the number of real-time tokens, Digital Gold is unable to perform a ban on the customer's account or restricts customers ' accounts as they follow the technology-owned structure of the By the blockchain.

High Liquidity


Digital Gold, which serves as a token issuer, is a liquidity supplier that allows the buying and selling of several tokens very close to the market price, customers can directly purchase, store or exchange their tokens Directly on the Digital Gold website or to a partner in cooperation with Digital Gold.

Low Cost


Sometimes customers who do the storage of a certain amount of precious metals in some countries have problems with regulation, the advantage given by Digital Gold is to provide storage that is very easy and hassle-less Store it, Digital Gold also offers a low-cost service comparable to the cost of storing gold in banks.



When buying gold in some countries, it is required to provide identity as a legitimate proof of ownership of the gold. Still, Digital Gold offers benefits to its customers when buying or selling GOLD in any amount, Customers only need to provide their wallet address or destination wallet address.

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